Sectors & Functions

Horton International is committed to offering structured, data-driven executive search solutions. Our dedicated team of sector and functional specialists is adept at delivering superior service to public and private companies, venture capital and private equity firms, and organizations seeking outperformance through superior leadership.

Industry Sectors We Serve:

Technology & Digital Solutions:

B2B SaaS:

Leadership recruitment for business-to-business software as a service.


Leadership for the financial and insurance technology sectors.

Professional and IT Services:

Broad range of IT and related professional services.


Recruitment for roles skilled in protection against digital threats.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Internet of Things (IoT):

Top talent for AI and connected device technologies.

Financial & Investment:

Venture Capital:

Executive search for early-stage company investments.

Private Equity:

Search within the domain of private equity investments.

Real Estate:

Leadership recruitment for real estate management and investment.

Sustainability & Future-Ready:

Climate/Resilience & Electrification:

Roles in climate adaptation and electrification sectors.


Talent needs related to transportation and mobility solutions.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG):

Leadership in sustainability and responsible governance.

Emerging Industries:

Industry 4.0:

Leadership for the fourth industrial revolution, including smart manufacturing.

Digital Health:

Leadership roles in health technology and digital health solutions.

Non-Profit & Government:


Leadership recruitment for charitable and social impact organizations.


Meeting the unique leadership needs of public welfare and government sectors.

Corporate Functional Expertise:

  • Board of Directors:

    Governing bodies responsible for the overall direction and strategy of an organization.
  • Chief Executive Officer:

    Central leadership roles overseeing the entirety of organizational operations and strategy.
  • Country/Regional Manager:

    Leadership roles dedicated to managing and steering operations within specific countries or global regions.
  • Sales, Marketing & Customer Success:

    Addressing roles related to brand promotion, product outreach, sales management, and ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Human Resources:

    Catering to talent management, organizational development, and HR strategic roles.
  • Research & Development:

    Serving the innovation and development facets of business
  • Technology & Data:

    Specializing in roles that drive digital innovation, data analytics, and IT infrastructure.
  • Product Management:

    Overseeing the strategy, roadmap, and feature definition for products and product lines.
  • Operations & Supply Chain:

    Overseeing the end-to-end management of goods, services, and production processes.
  • Corporate Development & Strategy:

    Handling the strategic direction and growth-related initiatives of the organization.