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At Horton International, we believe in the power of exceptional leadership – better leaders build better organizations that deliver better results. Our clients are companies of all sizes, from early-stage to large global organizations, determined to accelerate growth, enhance profitability, and propel innovation.

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Do you know the odds are against you?

44% of executive hires will fail, only 19% of hires will achieve unequivocal success.
Attitudes drive 89% of hiring failure, only 15% of companies have defined the attitudes of their high performers.
The cost of a failed executive hire is 6-24 times the executive’s annual salary.

Aperture 360: Revolutionize Your Executive Search Experience

Is your organization ready to experience a new era of hiring success, where every new hire exceeds their goals and delivers exceptional results? It's time to leave the traditional way behind and embrace Aperture 360℠, our proprietary, data-driven executive search process.

The Challenge with Traditional Hiring Methods

The conventional candidate brief and interview process can leave employers and candidates feeling uncertain about the hiring decision.

Employers often lack enough information to make well-informed decisions, while candidates struggle to fully showcase their skills, abilities, and personality.

That's why we developed Aperture 360℠, a structured executive search process based on a proprietary digital recruitment platform.

Introducing Aperture 360

Our approach starts by widening the search aperture with digital profile and contact enrichment tools to identify and engage all potential candidates.

We then narrow it down through behavioral assessment, job fit analysis, key competency questions, and candidate benchmark analysis.

The Aperture 360 Advantage

This scientific and objective process ensures that only the most qualified candidates with exceptional leadership behaviors are short-listed for the role, ultimately leading to:


greater earnings


increase in customer satisfaction


more innovation through increased diversity
what to expect

Our four ways of elevating standards include:

Behavioral testing

Gain insights into a candidate's temperament, leadership style, and reactions under pressure.


Job-fit Analysis: Compare a candidate's psychometrics with the required characteristics for the role, ensuring an objective and comprehensive match.

Key competency

Allow candidates to answer three to five written questions, showcasing their knowledge and providing specific, well-thought-out responses to crucial parts of the job specification.

Candidate benchmark analysis

Receive a cost-benefit analysis of your options, comparing candidates on key evaluation points.

Transform your organization's hiring process and secure exceptional talent with Aperture 360

Experience the difference our proprietary search process can make for both your company and the exceptional candidates eager to join your team.

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