Why Horton International

At Horton International | North America, we recruit exceptional talent When Leadership MattersSM with our proprietary Aperture 360SM process and platform backed by a team spanning over 40 offices from the Americas to Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, we uniquely integrate technology, local expertise and a global perspective.

30+ Countries

Immerse yourself in a world of opportunities. Join Horton International | North America and be part of a global team that collaborates across 30+ countries, bringing diverse perspectives to every project.

40 Offices

Our reach knows no bounds. With 40 offices worldwide, Horton International | North America offers you a network that spans continents, connecting you to a world of innovation and collaboration.

250 Consultants

Join a league of experts. At Horton International, a global team of 250+ consultants await to inspire and guide you. Unleash your potential within a community dedicated to excellence.

Our Culture, Our Strength

Building Bridges

In the Horton family, relationships aren't just about connections; they're about creating lasting bonds with the world's top-tier professionals.

Transparency in Operation

Clarity drives us. Every Horton member is aligned, contributing, and deeply invested in our collective mission.

Mutual Success:

We're not just a team; we're a collective that thrives on shared triumphs and
inherent professional courtesy.

Innovative Spirit:

Stagnation isn't in our vocabulary. We consistently push boundaries, innovate, and learn, ever evolving in our pursuit of excellence.

Work-Life Harmony:

Passion fuels us, but balance defines us. At Horton, we understand that the brightest ideas often spark in moments of reflection.