Your Partners in Career Development

At Horton International, we are your partners in your career development, equipped with decades of experience fortifying leadership teams in the U.S. and internationally. Our process, powered by innovative technology Aperture 360, ensures that 96% of our candidates remain successfully employed a year after placement. This statistic isn’t just a win for us—it demonstrates that better leaders build better organizations that deliver better results.

Redefining Recruitment

The traditional recruitment process often falls short. Both employers and candidates yearn for a richer, more comprehensive dialogue. Enter Aperture 360 — our proprietary process built on an online platform designed to paint a holistic picture of every candidate.

Your Aperture 360 Profile — What’s Inside?

  • A career overview highlighting your strengths and spotlighting your achievements.

  • Your professional photo, distinguishing you from other candidates.

  • A psychometric assessment, offering insights into your alignment with the company culture and daily requirements of the role.

  • A succinct video intro, enabling you to showcase your career progression and enthusiasm for the role.

  • Your resume, providing the detailed foundation of your professional identity.

  • References, offering a third-party perspective on your career progression.

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