Why I Bet on Evolving the Insurance Model rather than Technological Disruption (w/Jeff Shi, Insurtech Groups)

October 23, 2023

Show Highlights

Jeff Shi is founder of Insurtech Groups, connecting consumers with industry partners. By help consumers to better understand their policies in an effort to meet each of their unique needs.

Jeff talks about insurtech enhancing client experience vs. disruption. Insurtech Groups is consumer-facing technology that seeks to evolve the $100B insurance space across claims, service, billing, and brokers.

Jeff foresees many more people joining from the insurance world and insurtechs becoming superb at making money from insurance rather than technology. Enhancing the client experience for the customer, carrier, and agents is more important than 'aiming for the fence' with a new disruptive model.

Jeff describes how Insurtech Groups has stayed more conservative, working with a fixed cost model rather than trying to scale too quickly on highly variable costs. The team builds revenue and growth into everything they do. He talks about the amazing leadership at innovative large carriers like Geico, Progressive and Liberty Mutual, and how he hires on those same principles.

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