What’s Different About Securing Insurance Data from Generative-AI Cyber Attacks? (w/Ian Paterson, CEO Plurilock)

November 13, 2023

Show Highlights

Serial entrepreneur Ian Paterson is CEO of Plurilock a publicly traded cybersecurity company. Plurilock identifies and prevents, "insider threats" securing the enterprise and ensuring compliance with requirements in financial, healthcare, and government.

Plurilock works with financial services as a heavily regulated industry. Ian says insurance is different than banking because of the heavier load of data such as personal health information. The data creates another layer of risk to secure, for example in veterans health claims an insurer has added technical complexity that goes beyond just writing a policy.

Ian says insurance companies strategy needs to address these technical complexities including strategy, the types of business coverage insurance, security controls and training.

Ian also talks about the use of generative AI to create modern cyber attacks. Plurilock uses behavioral biometrics such as keystroke to invisibly authenticate users without added friction. The product addresses work-from-home on a continuous basis, so if someone walks away from a computer during a remote session, the software detects a change in behavior and can instantaneously decide to re-secure the session and data exchange.

Ian previously founded data monetization platform Exapik (acquired), and was Director of Insights for Terapeak (acquired), a venture-backed analytics firm. He is an author of three patents on digital identity and data analytics.

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