Unlocking the Full Potential of Digital for Carriers’ Operating Models (w/Jamie Yoder, President & GM Sapiens N.A.)

September 26, 2023

Show Highlights

Jamie Yoder is President of Sapiens North America, a leading global provider of software solutions and services for all sectors of insurance.

Jamie talks about the over-hype cycle of AI and ChatGPT, where companies tend to over-estimate the impacts in the short-term but grossly underestimate the impacts in the longer term. The technology has now caught up such that it can be applied to huge amounts of data and be practically applied to create insights and answers out of unstructured data.

He also talks through how Sapiens approaches IT and the business in an organization and gets past the initial excitement about the latest trends and into incorporating these new technologies to solve a sizable business opportunity. Sapiens removes existing impediments to implementation in an organization to produce a business result and capture the value of new technologies, rather than prove an unrealistic business case.

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