Solving the Last Holdout from the Paper Age - Can You Guess What It Is? (w/Joshua Stankard, CEO NotaryLive)

November 6, 2023

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Joshua Stankard is the founder and CEO of NotaryLive, a pioneering remote online notary software company. NotaryLive makes document notarization instant, secure, and paper-free, helping businesses go digital and free themselves of paper.

Notarization has been the last archaic step for businesses to digitize.  Now small and large businesses can easily notarize documents online. NotaryLive started as a side project to digitize the last holdout of the paper-bound era, and became so popular that Josh launched another company to make this a core product.  It's legal and acceptable in every state.  

In terms of compliance, a business from any state can now legally use a notary from any state using an online service. A few states require approval of the digital platform for use by notaries, but this is the minority of states and already has been resolved in those states.

NotaryLive provides large enterprise integration, white label or direct small business services. The use case for notarization has a place in insurance but applies equally across any industry. The company differentiates pricing depending on whether a company uses its own internal or network of notaries, or provide the notarization services via a subscription model.

Josh formerly founded State Vital Records over a decade ago—a platform that revolutionized how users order medical records.

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