The Blue Ocean Opportunity for Insurance Agencies (w/John Morlan, CEO Smarter Risk)

December 4, 2023

Show Highlights

John Morlan founded Smarter Risk that simplifies and streamlines the assessment, reporting, and development of risk control programs. Smarter Risk is a self-serve platform for communicating and improving insurable risk. It enables small business owners to qualify for the best rates, insurers to offer their most competitive prices, and agencies to leverage risk control as a competitive advantage.

The product helps small and medium sized business assess their risk controls to inform surveys and the underwriting process. The self-assessment workflow auto-generates recommendations for improvement, and dynamically changes the risk report. Insurers can evaluate how the business has improved over time.

John describes how the company is confirming new applications markets such as risk control consultants by streamlining the onsite examination and report-writing processes, and brokers/agencies treating risk as a blue ocean opportunity.

John talks about being a first-time founder, building a product that humans can easily adapt to and use. He takes enormous value out of the "Insurtech 2.0" community and the support and advice they have given over the past year since company founding.

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