How Insurers Can Price Companies Ability to Mitigate DEI Risk (w/James Felton-Keith, Inclusion Score)

April 10, 2023

Show Highlights

James Felton Keith is Founder of Inclusion Score, an award-winning engineer and economist who was the first Black LGBTQ person to run for US Congress. James is currently an elected member of the New York Democratic Committee and is a frequent keynote at global venues like the United Nations, Future Tech Congress, Data Protection World Forum, and the World Pride Human Rights Forum. As an entrepreneur, he established the first international diversity & inclusion certification and the first insurance policy for a lack-of-inclusion based on an "inclusion score". James has also founded multiple companies in Insurtech, Fintech and Adtech including Harlem Center, Slay TV, LGBT Chambers, and James' focus economic inclusion, and how to get equity in the hands of the people who have increasingly less, while the world becomes more productive from their inputs.James played an important role in forming the data industry by founding of Data Unions and Personal Data Week conferences. He also co-founded and edits the Ethics of Personal Data Collection series at Anthem Press. As an author, his bio-political philosophy, Inclusionism, is at the forefront of International Relations and Human Rights diplomacy. His career transitioned after founding Detroit’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce and "Pride Nights" at the four Big Box American sports franchises: NBA, NHL, MLB, & NFL.Follow the Insurtech Leadership Podcast airing weekly hosted by Joshua R. Hollander. We give you up-close access and personal insights from the leaders of the fastest-growing #insurtechs and most innovative #insurance carriers and brokers.

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