Helping Underwriters Turn R&W Transaction Liability Insurance Into a Safer Policy (w/Layla Atya, CEO & Founder Quantumerge)

July 17, 2023

Show Highlights

Layla Atya is CEO & Founder of Quantumerge, the only digital representation & warranty (R&W) insurance liability platform to assess, underwrite, and mitigate transactional risk.Quantumerge simplifies and streamlines the R&W insurance process for buyers, sellers, and brokers. Their core product places and underwrites M&A transactional liability policies, acting between brokers and payers to automate the workflow.Layla says the number one problem in this space is a lack of efficiency, that representations and warranties are such a manual process. The underwriter has to 'cherrypick' conditions, using their own knowledge of financial metrics and the market sector to craft a policy. Quantumerge's proprietary model integrates deeper M&A datapoints and historical patterns into the underwriting process, and also helping avoid claims in the future.Layla is an expert in data science, risk management, and insurance and has worked in the government, public, and private sectors in the US, Iraq, Israel, and Ukraine.This episode was recorded live at Insurtech Insights New York 2023 in conjunction with InsurTech Association and our friends Joanna England Sebastian Tollak Megan Kuczynski.Follow the Insurtech Leadership Podcast airing weekly hosted by Joshua R. Hollander. We give you up-close access and personal insights from the leaders of the fastest-growing #insurtechs and most innovative #insurance carriers and brokers.

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