Helping Carriers Move from Risk-Sharing to Data-Sharing in the Multi-Family Residential Market (w/Alice Melendez, CEO of BOON)

August 7, 2023

Show Highlights

Alice Melendez is CEO of BOON, an insurance marketplace for multi-family residential buildings.In this episode, Alice describes how she is simplifying the process of issuing and managing all insurance lines within a building, providing cross-risk visibility for carriers and real-time risk alerts.BOON solves for managing risk for a single building, which can involve the support of multiple carriers such as for personal lines, commercial lines, or financial lines. The service manages the sector like a digital MGA, connecting all the systems and documentation for carriers, and benefiting all stakeholders from brokers to end consumers and mortgagees. This platform connects multiple carriers and their distribution channels, enabling the handling of personal, commercial, and financial lines of different carriers related to a building on a single platform. Alice is an architect who has grown up in the insurance industry and founded Boon to address the challenges encountered in multi-family properties. She combines her expertise in construction, risk management, and insurance to deliver a comprehensive solution for the industry.This episode was recorded live at Insurtech Insights New York 2023 in conjunction with InsurTech Association and our friends Joanna England Sebastian Tollak Megan Kuczynski.Follow the Insurtech Leadership Podcast airing weekly hosted by Joshua R. Hollander. We give you up-close access and personal insights from the leaders of the fastest-growing #insurtechs and most innovative #insurance carriers and brokers.

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