Fixing the Dysfunctional Socialized US Healthcare System for 150m Americans (w/Joseph Schneier, CEO Trusty)

December 11, 2023

Show Highlights

Joseph Schneier is CEO of, connecting sales, marketing, and member engagement for 150m Americans that receive insurance through Medicare, Medicaid, or Marketplace plans. The company provides an enterprise SaaS solution to the country's most direct-to-consumer health insurance sector.

Joseph says that most insurtech founders do not have personal experience in this space but that it has a disfragmented distribution network and many similar challenges as the private insurance sector.  Just as a refresher, Medicare's coverage is 85% for people over the age of 65 and 15% for people living with chronic conditions, Medicaid covers low-income individuals and marketplace plans or Obamacare Plans that primarily focuses on small businesses or people who work for one.  

These plans comprise a whopping 150m Americans or almost half the country's population, making the US one of the largest socialized, government-connected healthcare systems in the world. Although the government is the payer, most of the underlying plans are in turn managed by private insurers (think Aetna, Human) and marketed through TV ads.

Joseph previously built and exited companies in the education space and is now applying the same lessons to the healthcare space. Mr. Schneier has been at the forefront of innovations in global and domestic education, government, value-based healthcare, and insurance technology for over 20 years. He has built companies and products studying value-based care with complex populations, co-founded and exited two companies, and is a Fellow at Columbia University’s MBA Entrepreneurial Program. He continues to focus on care for older Americans and has founded two other companies in this space—Cinematic Health, which trains CNAs, Home Health Aides, and Personal Care Assistants, and BellAge a company working with Area Agencies on Aging on longevity initiatives.

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