Creating the Venmo-Paypal of Insurtech with a Verified Data Layer for Insurance Customers (w/Tolga Tezel, CEO Canopy Connect)

October 2, 2023

Show Highlights

Did you know that over 1900 companies and 8000 agents are using Canopy Connect to increase conversion in insurance sales and verification?

Today we talk to Tolga Tezel, Founder & CEO at Canopy Connect, who was an early engineer at Dropbox. He helped build Nova Credit for US newcomers to obtain fair access to credit through their international data.

These experiences drove him to discover other areas where consumers have a difficult time getting value and convenience from their own data. From 2019 he began interviewing literally hundreds of insurance agencies and learned that getting accurate, comprehensive data from their prospects and customers was painfully difficult.

Tolga says that consumers want insurance to be personalized, seamless and easy, and they want basic control over their data, and carriers need better data to write better risks. Canopy Connect provides the technical infrastructure to do so.

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